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    Fraser Suites Kensington is a Green Tourism Hotel

    At Fraser Suites Kensington, we have a responsibility to provide an unparalleled hotel experience for guests. That doesn’t just account for the service and amenities we provide, but also with how we operate and the lengths we go to for guests to know they’re staying somewhere that cares.

    One area we’re trying our best to improve upon is how environmentally friendly we are as a business. Hotels and other companies in the Kensington area should be proactive in finding out if it’s possible to be greener, and while knowing to separate your waste is one thing, it helps to have certified assessors come and help us discover new ways to be greener.

    We asked Green Tourism to assess the property and provide their expertise.

    What is Green Tourism?

    Green Tourism is an incentive which promotes environmentally friendly tourism across the UK.

    They examine a business for environmentally-friendly practices and showcase where subtle changes can be employed to ensure a company can be greener. Their certification also helps eco-minded visitors know that when they come to stay with us that we’re actively taking measures to go greener. 

    What factors determine how a hotel like Fraser Suites Kensington gets certified?

    Factors we were assessed on include:

    • Efficient waste disposal
    • Minimising food miles
    • Saving water
    • Making better use of energy consumption

    The certification process is carried out by independent assessors to ensure that the information we provided in the registration process is all correct and precise.

    How did Fraser Suites Kensington achieve a bronze rating?

    When successful, Green Tourism only awards three bands to businesses on a traditional medal grade basis, and many don’t even get near a bronze certificate on their first assessment. We are proud to be seen as a hotel in the area that is actively taking steps to be green.

    Does the rating affect the average stay at Fraser Suites Kensington? 

    It only affects your stay in that you now know you’re staying somewhere attempting to be eco-friendly. 

    What improvements can Fraser Suites Kensington take towards being more environmentally responsible?

    The next step for the hotel is to take some of the advice we’ve been given to strive towards a silver rating.